Luiz Murakami - Jamboree Jazz

Luiz Murakami

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Sunday 22, August 2021
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Luiz Murakami guitars and vocals

Nothing if not a mixture, the guitarist and singer Luiz Murakami has Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian roots. His music is a constant search for the cultural elements that make up his identity. Murakami compares this process of experimentation and self-knowledge with the Japanese word “umami”, a culinary term used to express a harmony of flavours created by a combination of ingredients that go together well. Known for his mastery of bossa nova – a genre he adores – Murakami has recorded more than eight albums in Sweden, Hungary, Italy, Brazil, and Mexico. In 2012 he settled in Barcelona, where he founded Miramundo, a project he has taken as a live show to countries throughout Europe and Latin America. As well as his solo work, Luiz Murakami is known for his collaborations with artists like Maria Gadú, Mel Semé, Gustav Lundgren, Sylvinho Mazzuca and Macaco.

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