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Malacara Blues Band

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Wednesday 01, January 2020
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Xavi Malacara vocals, guitar, mouth organ, Salva “Joker” drums, Taisen double bass, Agustín Leandro guitar.

Xavi Soto, better known as Xavi Malacara, is one of the most driven musicians on the Barcelona blues circuit. Behind him he has a career going back more than two decades working with bands like Karma Police, Milkers and Malacara and a solo career with line-ups like the Malacara & Wilson Band, with which he released albums produced by Mario Cobo (Loquillo, Los Mambo Jambo, etc.). Malacara, who has lived in Los Angeles and has spent time in Memphis and New Orleans, represents the most genuine essence of Afro-American roots music. With Malacara Blues Band he leads a quartet who perform the best in blues and Afro-American traditional music from the 1920s to the ‘60s. A journey from Nashville to New Orleans to begin the new year with your batteries fully recharged.

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