Marco Mezquida - Letter to Milos - Jamboree Jazz

Marco Mezquida piano · Aleix Tobias percussion · Martín Meléndez cello.

‘Letter to Milos’ (2022) is the third album of the original trio with which pianist Marco Mezquida recorded ‘Ravel’s dreams’ (2017) and ‘Talismán’ (2029), completed by Aleix Tobias, on percussion and Martín Meléndez, on the cello. The album deepens the playful spirit that, from the very beginning, has guided this solid trio. The work includes pieces in which the musicians return to evocations of traditional Iberian music—with styles such as sorteado, l’acechado and buleria—or to the pleasure of musical syncretism—in this case, linking the Cuban sound with Brazilian samba—or the usual nod to romanticism. In addition, they pay tribute to free jazz, blues, circus music and groove. For Mezquida, ‘Letter to Milos’ represents a very sincere testimony of his artistic identity at this time, apart from a love letter to his son in his first year of life. “On the album, I have transferred the lyricism that imbues me and many of my convictions: from my declared love of tonality to the freedom of choice, bringing together the enjoyment of composing small pieces with improvisation and the spirit of the game,” he comments, a set of pieces in which he explores “new and diverse paths and sounds.”. “My musical letter, ‘Letter to Milos’, travels to you here, and I hope you like it,” he concludes. High-flying trip to the Jamboree.


Marco Mezquida



Marco Mezquida – Letter to Milos

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