Menhir - Jamboree Jazz
MENHIR Jamboree
+18 Hip Hop

DJ Kork (Enrico Podda) DJ · Kingaire’ (Alessandro Gaia) vocals · Momak (Marco Moro) vocals.

Menhir with the voices of Momak and Kingaiè was born in 1997 from the fusion of two historical hip hop groups from Nuoro: W.A.R. and the S.M.P. active between the late 80s and early 90s. Their belonging to the world of hip hop dates back to the mid-80s. In 1999, during an interlude in Turin, which lasted about 4 years, they toured Italy with several concerts offering their characteristic sound. Also in Turin they recorded an album titled “Pecorino sardo” produced by DJ Gruff for Puruchan Records, with which they became promoters in Sardinia of a new musical genre that manages to skillfully fuse the sounds of the Sardinian tradition with the modern ones of hip hop. singing strictly in Sardinian. In recent years they continue to take their show throughout the island with various performances on the Italian national circuit. In 2014, Menhir signed a contract with the “Machete productions” label and a year later, in 2015, they released a new album “Abissi”, which achieved great success at the national level, managing to enter the top four places on the I List of tunes for the Hip Hop/Black Music section.


Instagram: @men.hir

Facebook: Menhir


Concert for people over 18 years old.