MIRAMUNDO - Jamboree Jazz



Luiz Murá vocals, guitar, viola, caipira and charango, Agostino Aragno vocals and violin, Ernesto Vargas double bass and vocals, Marina Curbelo vocals and caja, Isidora Alegria percussion, Marion Candela percussion

Barcelona is an open city; a meeting point for musicians from Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America with a common nexus: sharing influences and cultures in search of music that represents the mixed nature of the Catalan capital. MiraMundo is a good example of these cosmopolitan leanings, bringing together performers from different places with the aim of creating music that ignores boundaries and can’t be pigeon-holed. MiraMundo is a multicultural approach telling stories of life, love, journeys and feelings based on mixing different styles: bossa nova, mariachi, samba, music from Italian singer-songwriters, African rhythms and Asian melodies. All this is seasoned with a good range of rhythms, melodies and powerful harmonies. The aim? “Connecting cultures that seem distant from one another,” they say.


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