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Myles Sanko Live
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Myles Sanko Live

Myles Sanko vocals · Ric Elsworth drums · Jon Mapp bass · Tom O’grady piano · Chris Booth guitar · Gareth Lumbers sax, flute


Myles Sanko, the Ghanaian artist who has conquered the European soul scene, is an example of how music can transcend borders and unite cultures. With a voice that Rolling Stone describes as “one of the most vibrant in European soul,” Sanko has won the hearts of critics and audiences alike. His unique style, which MOJO defines as a fusion of “passionate soul sermons with jazz sophistication,” has allowed him to collaborate with iconic figures of the genre and beyond, such as Gregory Porter and Nicola Conte. His latest album, ‘Let It Unfold,’ is a promise to continue this tradition of innovation and excellence. The presentation of this work at La Paloma is not only a milestone in his career but also a testament to his ability to renew soul with a modern touch, as highlighted by Jazz FM. Myles Sanko’s journey from the streets of Accra to international recognition is a story of talent, tenacity, and extraordinary musicality.



Myles Sanko




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Friday 25 October 2024
Jamboree Sala La Paloma Carrer del Tigre, 27, Ciutat Vella, 08001 Barcelona
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