NAMINA - Jamboree Jazz


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Sunday 24, November 2019
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PRESENTS Ens endurem el vent

Namina vocals, electric guitar, merlin, Xevi Matamala drums, synthesisers, trumpet, backing vocals.

Namina is the stage name of Natàlia Miró do Nascimento, a musician who began putting songs together in a self-taught way at the age of 13. Two years later, she formed her first group and she has been playing and singing live ever since. With more than 30 years of career behind her, Namina has forged her own identity as a singer and composer. This year, she presents Ens endurem el vent, the third album in her solo career, on which she explores new sounds and formats bringing together different artistic disciplines that have accompanied her throughout her life. Namina offers a flesh-and-blood album and the raw, wild, rich sincerity of her message explodes on stage in duo format, with Xevi Matamala on drums, synthesisers and trumpet and herself on vocals and guitar.

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