Ned Lud Playground - Jamboree Jazz

Anna Cera vocals, Eric Abril vocals and keyboards, Eric Elias bass, Cristian González keyboards, Pau Gurpegui drums, Nestor Pérez guitar, OPB, MC, Arnau Alonso drums.

The Playground

From the bowels of Jamboree Jam and BCN People is born the new Jamboree proposal for Wednesday afternoons in Room 3: The Playground, a space where groups of musicians and artists from Barcelona organize a long session of live music with different groups, guest artists, stars from here and there, DJs and where there is also space for recreation and play in this fundamental part of the session that we call the playground.

Every Wednesday, from 7 to 11 at night, a collective of different musicians organizes their own Playground. Talk to them if you want to play it too.


Ned Lud Playground: 19h – 23h

Ned Lud brings the groove to life. The influences of RnB, Hip Hop, Jazz and Soul among other styles, and improvisation, compenetration and fun are essential factors of this young trio from Sabadell.
A project with an identity marked, on the one hand, by the composition and production of own themes straddling the experimentation of sounds and respect for stylistic references and, on the other hand, by the constant collaboration with other instrumentalists, singers and rappers, as an accompanying band and as support to enlarge the arrangements of the subjects they bring in this live.
The direct of an explosive sound, full of rhythm and energy. Ned Lud takes flight with new music in constant creation.


19h Eric Abril & Anna Cera
On this occasion, the evening will be opened by the singer Anna Cera and the keyboardist and singer Eric Abril, already a regular at the Jamboree.

20.15 Eric Elías trio
Next, the trio of Ned Lud’s bassist, Eric Abril, who presents his project inspired by the Gospel that Elías has been able to live in the church from an early age and that, fused with jazz and funk, has created a group, together with his friends Cristian Gonzalez and Pau Gurpegui, to create, experience and learn together.

21.30 Ned Lud ft. O.P.B.
And finally, Ned Lud arrives again with O.P.B, a Matadeperan artist who develops in the field of Hip-Hop, with a style full of influences but with his personal touch to the productions and rhythms. He has presented self-produced works such as El Millor Que Ha Passat Mai (2021), Dialectic Beings (2019) with the group The Re-Fugees and several EPs during his career starting in 2016. O.P.B. represents a very versatile style in sound and rhythm, going from classic BoomBap productions to more Lo-Fi or Trap-like rhythms.


Instagram: @nedlud_, @au_rora_music, @ericabrilmusic, @ericelias_, @nestor.pomelo, @opujade, @pau_groovepegui, @monta.drums

Ned Lud Playground

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