NEW YORK NIGHTS - Jamboree Jazz

New York born drummer Robert Castelli has been living in Barcelona for a short while and he will be presenting his impressive resume as a session player and leader of his own bands from back in The Big Apple as well as from Vienna. A professional musician since the age of 14, Castelli has worked with an endless list of bands from diverse genres like jazz, funk, pop, rock, latin music and world music, all the while touring all over the United States and Europe. In Barcelona he’s currently heading a group called BOOM that performed at the Jamboree a few months back. Now he returns to the cellar with a new idea called New York Nights and a very special guest: Dani Perez, one of the best jazz guitar players in the city, a musician with exquisite taste and a unique style that brings to mind such names as Abercrombie; a musician that has shared his art with such jazz players as Gorka Benitez and Elisabet Raspall.


Dani Pérez
Emilio Martin
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