Nils Bondesson & Fredrik Carlquist New Art Deco Band - Jamboree Jazz

Nils Bondesson piano and vocals · Fredrik Carlquist clarinet · David Parras tuba · Pinyo Martí  drums

Ragtime pianist Nils Bondesson from Sweden releases new music with Swedish Barcelona based clarinetist Fredrik Carlquist in an international constellation with tubaist David Parras and drummer Pinyo Marti from Catalunya Spain. The sound of the music sums up under the band name; the New Art Deco Band. Stylistic elements from the jazz childhood of the 20-ties and 30-ties are blended with modern styles.

The Bondesson & Carlquist collaboration took off in 2017 with the release of their first album Skeleton Walk. The repertoire consists almost exclusively of original compositions and the band has collaborated with both Swedish and Spanish musicians. A number of concerts have been made in both countries. There new album New Art Deco Band A Three Pipe Problem was released in January 2024



Nils Bondesson



Nils Bondesson & Fredrik Carlquist New Art Deco Band

Saturday 16, March 2024
Sessions 19:00 20:30
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