Noam Wiesenberg Quartet - Jamboree Jazz
Noam Wiesenberg Quartet
Modern Jazz
Noam Wiesenberg Quartet

Noam Wiesenberg bass · Philip Dizack trumpet · Gabriel Chakarji piano · Mark Whitfield Jr. drums


Noam Wiesenberg, the illustrious bassist, composer, and arranger, has become a beacon of innovation on the New York music scene. With his debut album “Roads Diverge” making waves in 2018, he’s now poised to captivate audiences once more with “NeoNomadic,” set for release in October 2023. This album is a tapestry woven from his introspections on ‘home’ during the solitude of lockdowns, blending the vibrant hues of his Mediterranean heritage with the intricate patterns of Flamenco, and the profound depths of Black American music. His journey through music is not just a personal narrative but a shared odyssey that resonates with the souls of listeners, as he collaborates with virtuosos like Philip Dizack, Charles Altura, and the exceptional Melissa Aldana. Wiesenberg’s artistry is a dialogue of cultures, a celebration of diversity, and a testament to the transformative power of music. As critics acclaim, his melodic prowess and ingenious arrangements are not just performances but experiences that promise to lead us down the many roads of his musical landscape, each turn filled with anticipation and wonder.




Thursday 17, October 2024
Jamboree Sala 3 Plaça Reial, 18, 08002 Barcelona
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