Noé Codjia & Neil Saidi Quintet - Jamboree Jazz

Noé Codjia trumpet, Neil Saidi tenor sax, Noé Huchard piano, Luca Fattorini double bass, Malte Arndal drums.

Trumpeter Noé Codjia and saxophonist Neil Saidi have been working together ever since they met at a jam session just over ten years ago. In 2014 they left for New York, to train at the well-known New School. When they returned to Paris in 2016, they founded a collective of young musicians called The Zoot Collective. The aim of this initiative is to bring together as many musicians of their generation as possible with original, creative projects. A good example is the quintet they lead, completed by the best new talents from the Parisian scene. Codjia, Saidi and their colleagues pay tribute to the styles of jazz they most appreciate – swing, bop and hard-bop – in combination with self-penned music.

Instagram: @zootcollectif Facebook: zootcollectif

Noé Codjia & Neil Saidi Quintet

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