NOKO WOI - Indie Rock with Salvador Sobral - Jamboree Jazz

NOKO WOI – Indie Rock with Salvador Sobral

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Saturday 29, February 2020
14 Advance
14 Door

Salvador Sobral vocal, Leo Aldrey synths, Adolfo Bueno guitar, Juan Daniel Gonzalez guitar, vocals,  Frederic Font bass, Juan R. Berbín drums & percussion.

Noko Woi is Salvador Sobral’s indie rock band formed in 2014.

Capturing atmospheres, piercing funky guitars, and rhythms that evoke tropical landscapes are fundamental ingredients of Leo Aldrey’s synth-based compositions, which take form in Sobral’s unique voice and contagious energy. They are joined by Juan R. Berbín (Seward) on drums, Juan Daniel González and Adolfo Bueno on guitars, and Frederic Font on bass guitar.

After playing at the Sonar Festival 2014 and publishing their eponymous debut LP, the band has continued hitting the stages of venues like Barts Club, Sala Apolo, La Nau, and Musicbox Lisbon.

In 2020, Noko Woi is preparing the release of their awaited second LP “Poke the eye.”

They invite us to a journey that will inspire you to “balter”: to dance without any particular skill or grace, but with extreme joy!

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