No(w) Beauty - Jamboree Jazz
No(w) Beauty Jamboree
No(w) Beauty

Hermon Mehari trumpet · Enzo Carniel piano · Damien Varaillon doublebass · Stéphane Adsuar drums.


Four musicians from the Parisian scene form this group, led by Kansas City trumpeter Hermon Mehari when he settled in the French capital and made contacts with local musicians. In a few months, the group achieved a distinctive sound, the result of the blend of sensitivities of its members. In this sense, the music of No(w) Beauty draws on influences as diverse as classic and contemporary jazz, blues, French music, and hip-hop, among other styles. “There’s a bit of everything, but with an osmosis process that the four musicians consciously seek,” explain sources from the group itself. In 2023, No(w) Beauty released their first self-titled album, greeted by critics and recognized as “Group of the Year” by Jazz Magazine.



Enzo Carniel


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