OPAL OCEAN Presents LOST FABLES (Album)/Mexicana (EP) - Jamboree Jazz

OPAL OCEAN Presents LOST FABLES (Album)/Mexicana (EP)

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Tuesday 20, August 2019
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The Australian duo Opal Ocean use acoustic guitars to blend rock and flamenco techniques to create an epic sound. Tabak and Champ founded this group at the end of 2013 and they decided to take their approach on to the streets of Melbourne. In the capital of the state of Victoria, they released their first recording, J.A.M., on an independent label. They sold 15,000 copies and attracted more than 30 million website visits. In 2018 they released Mexicana, a record that was a hit in Australia and New Zealand, as well as going on their first world tour and performing at festivals including Montreux, Gurten and Berg Herzbeg. Their popularity has reached as far afield as Canada. This year, they have decided to present their unusual formula on stages where they had not played before, for example in Spain. Their performance at the Jamboree will be their first in Barcelona.

Nadav Tabak
Alex Champ
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