PARIS MONSTER - Jamboree Jazz


Present Paris Monster

Geoff Kraly bass guitar/modular synth, Josh Dion drums, vox, synthesiser

Spyro Gyra, Randy Brecker and Till Brönner are among the artists Josh Dion has worked with. This talented drummer has made his name as one of the session players with most references in the world of jazz, blues and pop-rock. As well as his work for top figures of different genres, Dion, together with the bass and keyboard player Geoff Kraly form the duo Paris Monster, a band mixing elements of funk and soul to create wild, powerful, hard-hitting, stunning music. Paris Monster, who are playing for the first time in Barcelona at the Jamboree, offer a show defined as a “precise, complex, sophisticated mechanism with a monstrous instrumental technique”, in which they “develop a sound that can come to be the new root of American rock”. A new original, hypnotic and energetic sound will echo around the walls of the Jamboree.

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