PAU VIGUER TRIO - Jamboree Jazz

Presenta ‘Muy Delicado’

Pau Viguer piano, Xuso Barberà double bass, Felipe Cucciardi drums.

The Valencian Pau Viguer is a genuine representative of what we might call “Mediterranean jazz”. With his own trio, he offers a style combining various musical languages, such as jazz, classical music, pop, blues and flamenco. With this fusion, Viguer achieves his own melodious, atmospheric blend with a personal stamp. All the Pau Viguer Trio’s compositions and arrangements are by the pianist himself and his bandmates: double bass player Xuso Barberà and drummer Felipe Cucciardi. In his prolific career, the Pau Viguer Trio have released four albums and toured the country’s leading clubs. At the Jamboree, he will perform the pieces from his latest work, Muy delicado, a unique exercise in exploring human emotions.

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