Por el acento - Jamboree Jazz

Dancer: Costi el Chato, Violeta Barrio i Verónica Perez, Percussion: Paco de Mode, Vocals: Jose de la Miguela i Joaquín el Duende, Guitar: Jose Santiago “El Chote”

Por el Acento is a show that will pay homage to the expression of the Andalusian people; of its origins. Through dance and song we will explain and transmit what we feel towards our Andalusian roots, the essence of what for us are its eight provinces: Cádiz, salty clarity; Granada, hidden water that cries, Roman and Moorish; Cordoba silent; Malaga singer; Golden Almeria; Silver Jaen; Huelva, on the shore of its three skulls… and Seville: Antonio Machado, inspiration for the poem. From each province we will play, sing and dance styles like the fandango from Huelva, or the alegrías from Cádiz. We are a group of committed and passionate artists who will put the finishing touch on Andalusia in Los Tarantos. We will wait for you!

Por el acento

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