PROYECTA TANGO - Jamboree Jazz


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Sunday 12, July 2020
15 Advance

Sandra Rehder vocals, Olvido Lanza violin, Elbi Olalla piano.

After the success of the last concert offered by the triad, “Proyecta Tango” returns to the Jamboree with new themes and great classics where to find the work of contemporary composers such as Alejandro Dolina, Juan Serén or Alfredo “Tape” Rubín; and classic names of tango, milonga or waltz such as Carlos Gardel, Aníbal Troilo, Homero Manzi or Rosita Quiroga. Once again, the violinist Olvido Lanza will form an artistic coalition with Sandra Rehder and Elbi Olalla, a true communion of talent and expressive force.

Sandra Rehder only understands tango from the expressive outburst that transmits her enormous vocal capacity, ideal for tearing apart the heart of the coldest listener, while Elbi Olalla drives through her piano a project perfectly basting between her own compositions and contemporary classics. If we add to all this the enormous skill of Olvido Lanza, “Proyecta Tango” will become the best post-confinement therapy and the perfect excuse to recover the intensity of live music.

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