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Sunday 08, March 2020
15 Advance
15 Door

Sandra Rehder vocals, Elbi Olalla piano, Olvido Lanza violin

The Jamboree joins in with the celebration of International Women’s Day by championing the excellence of three women musicians with substantial, prolific careers in the field of creative music.

Leading the group is the Argentinian Sandra Rehder, one of the most important artists on the Barcelona tango scene. Rehder, who we have heard at the Jamboree leading different projects, shares the stage with the pianist Elbi Olalla. Like Rehder, Olalla was born in Mendoza where they say “the mountain air affects the way they look at art”. Their repertoire includes classic tangos, milongas and waltzes, as well as pieces they have written themselves. In the words of Sandra Rehder, she and Elbi Olalla are “two upright, liberated and liberating women, as irreverent as the tango”.

But if that wasn’t enough, another “liberated and liberating” woman, the great Olvido Lanza, joins the Rehder-Olalla duo to make a brand-new trio. Lanza is one of the most sought-after violinists in the country – a dazzling, versatile musician who has worked for figures from very different musical fields, such as Joan Manuel Serrat, Maite Martín, Miguel Poveda, Caetano Veloso and Manolo García.

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