The Poyo Moya Trio feat Pat O'Brien - Jamboree Jazz
Rhythm and Jamboree
Blues Swing Boogie Woogie
The Poyo Moya Trio feat Pat O’Brien

Pat O’Brien vocals, Poyo Moya piano, Ivan Kovacevic doublebass and, Reginald Vilardell drums.

The Poyo Moya Trio is a project formed in 2020 and with two albums published: ‘My Best Blues Piano’ (2020) and ‘Old Blues’ (2023). The Poyo Moya Trio stands out for its energy and musical sensitivity, with a tight, acoustic sound, focused on various styles of African-American music: Old Blues, boogie-woogie and swing of the 30s. Led by pianist Cristian ‘Poyo’ Moya , and with an exquisite rhythmic base, it also has the elegant voice of the charismatic Pat O’Brien, an Austrian singer based in Barcelona, ​​from an Irish family and raised in London.