Sant Andreu Reunion Band - Jamboree Jazz

Joan Chamorro double bass and direction · Claudia Rostey vocals and trombone · Èlia Bastida vocals, violin and tenor sax · Joan Martí vocals, alto sax and flute · Koldo Munné vocals, alto sax and baritone · Perot Rigau vocals and trombone · Edu Ferrer vocals, alto sax and baritone · Lola Peñaranda vocals, tenor sax and clarinet · Elsa Armengou vocals and trumpet · Gerard Peñaranda vocals and trumpet · Pau Garcia piano · Arnau Julià drums.

A group of young musicians, mostly formed in the Sant Andreu Jazz Band, will play at the Jamboree under the direction of Joan Chamorro, alma mater of this famous Barcelona formation. With special arrangements, conceived expressly for this session, and basically written by Joan Monné, the Sant Andreu Reunion Band will perform a repertoire with great prominence in sung jazz. In this sense, we will hear the voices of some of the best jazz players of the new fornadas, namely Koldo Munné, Èlia Bastida, Clàudia Rostey, Edu Ferrer, Perot Rigau and Joan Martí. A beautiful way, no doubt, to start saying goodbye to the year 23.

Sant Andreu Reunion Band

Saturday 30, December 2023
Sessions 19:00 20:30
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21 Members
25 Not early
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