SANTA DIVER - Jamboree Jazz

Luca Kézdy violin, multi-instrumentalist and composer, David Szesztay bass, David Szegő drums.

From Hungary come Santa Diver, a band formed in 2009 by the multi-instrumentalist and composer Luca Kézdy, the bass player David Szesztay and the drummer David Szegő, who joined in 2015. With their original instrumentation, Santa Diver offer an unusual mixture of jazz, world music and free music. The band are also a blend of the distinctive personality of each member of the group: Kézdy’s melodic sensitivity, Szesztay’s sense of colour and the rhythmic drive of Szegő. Santa Diver have performed at events including the Chelsea Music Festival (New York), European Jazz Conference (Budapest) Gaume Jazz Festival (Belgium) and the Vic Jazz Festival. They have also played live with the sax player Stefano Di Battista, while the violinist Kézdy has played in a duo with Chris Potter. The Jamboree plays host to one of the most successful line-ups on the most creative European scene.


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