SirJo Cocchi - THE BLUES CHRONICLES - Jamboree Jazz


SirJo Cocchi vocals & piano, Balta Bordoy guitar, Santi Ursul bass, Miki Izquierdo drums.

SirJo Cocchi presents ‘The Blues Chronicles’, a concert of his own and classic tunes from various eras and styles. It’s a repertoire he performs with feeling and respect for the blues tradition and without distinctions: a soul ballad is played with the same attention to detail as a funky rhythm. The project you’re about to hear actually began 35 years ago, when this Milan-born artist first played a blues scale on the piano. He was just 11. He later settled in Los Angeles, where he trained and began a prolific career that has seen him sing the blues at venues in Los Angeles, Chicago, and the New Orleans Jazz Festival, as well across half of Europe as an accompanist for several artists. SirJo Cocchie’s artistic career goes back three decades now. With ‘The Blues Chronicles’, he returns to where it all began: the blues.




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