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Soires Naes Tour Barcelona

The Venezuelan rap group Soires Naes arrives in Barcelona for their first European tour. With a style they describe as “musiquita para el alma” (music for the soul), and a combination of melodies halfway between rap, soul, jazz, and R&B, Soires Naes stands out for the harmonious sounds and melodic tone of their songs. Soires Naes is one of the great bands of the urban scene in Latin America, with performances at festivals in Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela, and a discography that includes titles such as ‘Lo que viene al corazón’ (2009), ‘Común y corriente’ (2011), and the EP ‘Joga Bonito’ (2013). Some of their hits include: ‘Uppercut’, ‘Crema’, ‘Susurro’, and ‘Casi Hablado’. For their first concert at Jamboree—presented and produced by Stencil2 and 21 Ways Media—they have prepared a show with a selection of iconic tracks from their entire career: from their beginnings until now.



Los Hermanos Quimica




Concert for individuals over 18 years old.