STREAMING ROBERT CASTELLI & BOOM!!! “Party at One World Plaza” - Jamboree Jazz

STREAMING ROBERT CASTELLI & BOOM!!! “Party at One World Plaza”

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Wednesday 15, September 2021
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“Party at One World Plaza”

Robert Castelli drums, composition, Danny Pérez guitar, Gilles Estoppey keyboards, Antonino Restuccia bass.

The fabulous drummer Robert Castelli, a New York musician settled in Barcelona, has an impressive CV as a session player and leader of his own bands in the Big Apple, Vienna and, of course, Barcelona. A professional musician since the age of 14, Castelli has worked with countless jazz, funk, pop, rock, Latin and world music bands, touring the USA and half of Europe. In Barcelona, he leads a group called Boom, which he presented at the Jamboree. In the company of the guitarist Dani Pérez, among others, Castelli leads a line-up which the critic Ferdinand Dupius-Panther (Jazz Halo) described as follows: “They transport you to the world of Afro-Cuban music, the rhythms of West Africa and the jazz-rock of the seventies and eighties”, quite rightly adding: “If you’re incapable of moving to their rhythm, it’s nobody’s fault but your own.”

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