SUSANA BACA - SOLD OUT - Jamboree Jazz

Susana Baca veu, Alvin Huaranga baix, Renzo Vignati guitarra elèctrica, Pedro Avila violí, Jonathan Mendoza guitarra acústica, Manuel Mejia veu, Hugo Bravo percussió.

The queen of Afro-Peruvian music continues to claim the legacy of her country’s black culture, which forged a unique style in Peru, based on the mix between the culture of African slaves and that of Hispanic society. A poor black woman, Susana Baca has suffered various discriminations throughout her life. Instead of hating, he has used a unique, exceptional voice as his weapon, and has performed the most beautiful creations halfway around the world. At Jamboree 3 he will present ‘Palabras urgentes’, the album with which he commemorates fifty years of his career. Susana Baca, the Afro-Peruvian singer who moved Chabuca Granda and David Byrne, is back in Barcelona; the one that won three Latin Grammys and has shared tables with Mercedes Sosa, Gilberto Gil and other celebrities; the one that, above all, represents the best tradition of Latin American song.




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