Pau Vidal Sánchez flute & sax, Climent Campà Bosch congas, Kevin Díaz Graveran piano, Diego Lázaro and Coppinger Zamora guitar, bass and voice, Yadira Ferrer Rey voice, güiro and chorus, Oriol Martinez Pailas.

Mud. Root. Pond. Puddle. Current. Wrinkles. Birth. Gossip. Earth… Wind. Tarquim is a natural place for creation based on the study of different folklore traditions; a container; a crucible that collects years of material and turns it into music. Tarquim is also the project of the Valencian Pau Vidal, a young saxophonist, flautist and composer who has made a name for himself with Gonzalo Grau y la Clave Secreta, Bitty Mclean, Andrea Motis, Judit Nedderman, The Sey Sisters and The Gramophone All Stars. Vidal boasts an extensive career in genres such as Cuban music, jazz, soul and reggae. His study of popular music began with the album ‘Mar endins’ (Taller de Músics, 2016), a fusion of the Valencian tradition, Mediterranean music and jazz. That debut reaffirmed his plans to produce solo work and encouraged him to look for new challenges: the sound track for the film ‘La mort de Guillem’, by Carlos Marqués-Marcet, and the wind arrangements for the album ‘Curso de levitación Intensivo’, by Enrique Bunbury. In 2020 he presented the album ‘A Cuba (Say It Loud)’, nominated for the Ovidi Montllor awards and recorded with the cooperation of Iván ‘Melón’ Lewis and Yadira Ferrer. In recent months, he has released the singles ‘Me despido de ti’ and ‘Por la calle’. These will be part of Tarquim’s next album and you will certainly hear them at the Jamboree.

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