THE CROMÀTIC XXS BEATBAND by Llibert Fortuny - Jamboree Jazz

Alto sax: Aina López, Martí Cabarrocas, Pau Jorba. Tenor sax: Ariel Pierdomenico, Dylan Chandler. Baritone sax: José Guillem Domingo. Trombones: Laura Carol, Roger Gimenez, Arnau Pascual, Pere Bono. trumpet: Mireia Farrés, Joan Momino, Cesc Badia, Gregori HollinsGuitar: Pau Goméz, bass: Jon Carran. Drums: Roger Pi. Percussion: Dan Arisa. Piano: Fran Suarez. Flute: Sergio del Campo. Vocals: Aina Lopéz. Director: Llibert Fortuny

Cromàtic is an association of friends of chromaticism that began in Cerdanyola del Vallès with the aim of spreading this concept – and conception – of music and promoting culture throughout the region. The Chromàtic XXS Beatband come to Sala 3 at the Jamboree to present a new 60-minute show in which the performers and their conductor, Llibert Fortuny, play with the organic big band sound and with the ‘beats’ all around us every day. This is a deep laboratory experiment keen to seek the boundaries and synergy between two seemingly opposite poles.

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