The Flow - The Monday Jam - Jamboree Jazz
The Flow - La Jam dels dilluns
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The Flow – The Monday Jam

29 abril: Juan Berbin drums · Juan Pablo Balcázar bass · Manu Contrera keyboards · Marçal Muñoz winds · Daniel López image · Chelosaoko coordination


The Flow is the new proposal for the jam of the Jamboree room, a session with several decades of history and different formats, which even became the most important in the city. This time, Jamboree and the Electropikal Creative collective – linked to proposals such as Afrolatin Jam All Stars and Bongo Lounge – have worked together to bring together the ‘urban’ movement – with genres such as trap, drill, denbow and reggaeton — and the rhythms and styles usually performed by live musicians: funk, Latin, jazz and others. To make this goal possible, Jamboree has invited Marcelo ‘Chelosaoko’ Rosero, a musician and cultural manager of Colombian origin, known and admired in the Latin scene – and more – in Barcelona. Every Monday, Chelosaoko will bring together artists and producers with whom he researches in the creation of “sound atmospheres,” he says, to unite worlds, generations and styles. In this sense, it starts from dance, as an inspiring element, to give way to a synergy with the most current trends in urban culture and musical improvisation. With all that said, on stage there will be a base group with four musicians, who will open up the participation to top performers, performers, MCs and various artists from the city. A different, transgressive, multidisciplinary and extremely danceable jam begins, with quality music and a disruptive aesthetic. If you have flow, this is your place.


Are you a musician and want to participate in the new jam at Jamboree? Sign up now on our list and let your creativity flow. It’s as easy as sending a direct message with your details and your instrument to @theflowsession on Instagram. Don’t miss out on this unique experience.


Organizer: Jamboree · Electropikal Creative 


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