Tivon Pennicott Quartet - Jamboree Jazz
Tivon Pennicott Quartet
World fusion
Tivon Pennicott Quartet

Tivon Pennicott sax, vocals · Idris Frederick piano, keys · Dean Torrey bass · Kenneth Salters drums


Tivon Pennicott, a virtuoso saxophonist and composer, has released his new album “Roots to Branches,” a work that promises to be an unprecedented auditory experience. With a fusion of live jazz, electronic rhythms, and the warmth of his Jamaican heritage, Tivon offers a sonic palette that invites reflection and movement. His recent singles, “Tell Me Again” and “Faith in Grace,” are testimonies to his ability to weave musical narratives that resonate with authenticity and versatility. His 2020 album “Spirit Garden” had already set a standard of intimacy and warmth, and now, with “Roots to Branches,” Tivon continues to explore the depths of musical expression. His contribution to GRAMMY-winning albums, along with collaborations with iconic jazz figures and performances on renowned stages worldwide, solidify his position as an artist of influence and depth. Tivon’s music is a journey that begins at the roots of his heritage and extends to the branches of infinite possibilities.



Tivon Pennicott



Saturday 16, November 2024
Jamboree Sala 1 Plaça Reial, 17, 08002 Barcelona
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