TONY MIDDLETON - Jamboree Jazz


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Sunday 10, November 2019
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Tony Middleton vocals, Toni Solà sax, Lluís Capdevila piano, Ignasi González double bass, Roger Gutiérrez drums

Born in Virginia (USA) in 1934, Tony Middleton is the singer and composer from the Willows, a legendary doo-wop group founded in Harlem, who were successful during the sixties. In his prolific career, Middleton has acted on Broadway, in the musical Porgy and Bess, and at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, where he was on the same bill as Nell Carter. A candidate for the Grammys for a cover version of the tune “Don’t Ever Leave Me”, Middleton has lived in Paris, where in 1966 he recorded his unchallenged hit: “Paris Blues”. As a composer, he is known for writing “Church Bells May Ring”, a doo-wop classic. As a singer, his outstanding voice has been compared with Ray Charles and Joe Williams. Tony Middleton, a living legend of American popular music, will take to the stage at the Jamboree. An absolute luxury.

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