Tosca - Jamboree Jazz


Tosca voice, Massimo de Lorenzi guitar, Giovanna Famulari cello, piano, vocals, Elisabetta Pasquale double bass, vocals, Luca Scorziello drums and percussion, Fabia Salvucci percussion and vocals.

Tosca, is one of the most relevant voices of Italian song since her first performance, in 1992, at the prestigious Sanremo Festival. In her prolific career, Tosca has worked with artists such as Lucio Dalla, has shared stages with Gabriele Mirabasi and Maria Pia da Vito, and has participated in important media events. Above all, Tosca is known and recognized for her shows, songs and albums. A good example of it is ‘Morbeza’ (2019), an album that led to the documentary “Il Soun della voce”. “Intimate, refined, contaminated and contemporary” is how Tosca herself describes ‘Morbeza’, an album arranged by Joe Barbieri, in which she performs her own compositions, traditional pieces and adaptations of classics, sung in four languages ​​and with artists she has met , like Ivan Lins, Cyrille Aimée, Luisa Sobral, Arnaldo Antune, Lenine. Awa ly, Vincent Ségal, Lofti Buochnak, Cézar Mendes and Sílvia Pérez Cruz. Hers is a “pleasure in the form of a song,” she says, “with the sole desire to unite emotions with notes and words.” An Italian song star sings at the Jamboree.


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Instagram: toscadonati


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