Vincen García Quintet - Jamboree Jazz
Vincen García Quintet

Bass · Drums · Guitar · Sax · Trumpet · Vocals


Vincen García is a professional bassist known worldwide for his videos on Instagram. In September 2023, he receives a call from Cory Wong to join his European tour. His ability to captivate over 340 thousand followers is just a glimpse of his talent and charisma. With the release of his first studio album, VENTURA, Vincen has proven that he is not only a master of the bass but also a complete artist with a unique vision for music, and the audience response has been overwhelming, with sold-out shows in key cities in Spain. His desire to take his music to the next level materializes in a live show that promises to be an explosion of energy and creativity.





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Wednesday 27 November 2024
Jamboree La [2] Apolo C/ Nou de la Rambla, 113, Sants-Montjuïc, 08004 Barcelona
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