Yuhan Su Quartet - Liberated Gesture - Jamboree Jazz
Yuhan Su Quartet Jamboree
Yuhan Su Quartet – Liberated Gesture

Presentation of the album ‘Liberated Gesture’ (Sunnyside).


Yuhan Su vibraphone, Rob Clearfield piano, Juan Pablo Balcazar bass and, Ramon Prats drums.

The New York scene has musicians like Taiwanese Yuhan Su, one of the vibraphonists most highly valued by magazines like Downbeat, which describes her music as “totally enveloping” and places her on the shortlist for the critics’ award. His three albums as a leader, ‘Flying Alone’ (Inner Circle, 2012), ‘A Room of One’s Down’ (Inner Circle, 2016) and ‘City Animals’ (Sunnyside, 2018), have been candidates for several awards. Yuhan Su has also put his art at the service of Greg Osby, Brian Krock, Miho Hazama, Kyle Saulnier and others. At the Jamboree he will present his fourth solo album, ‘Liberated Gesture’ (Sunnyside, 2023), a work that includes a suite inspired by the abstract painter Hans Hartung, a poem of his own creation and a tribute to the artist Hassan Hajja. The quartet will be accompanied by a band made up of colleagues from the European scene, among others Juan Pablo Balcázar and Ramon Prats.