ZOE’S SHANGHAI - Jamboree Jazz


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Tuesday 10, December 2019
15 Advance

Zoé Renié Harris vocals and guitar, Emerik Derian keyboards, Alex Molas bass, Aurélien Landy Gana drums

Kaleidoscopic textures, hypnotic melodies, evocative rhythms and an extraordinary voice are the elements brought together in an original contemporary soul line-up. Based on an unusual creative process and a determined commitment to experimentation, Zoé’s Shanghai offer us a repertoire of songs constructed with seductive melodies, oscillating chords, unconventional rhythm patterns and basslines fitting in with the performing style of the singer Zoé Renié Harris. Music that sometimes moves forwards in leaps and bounds with a perceived overwhelming rhythmic force. Zoé’s Shanghai is undoubtedly one of the most evocative neo-soul bands on the Barcelona scene, introducing themselves with the cryptic “Zoé’s Shanghai doesn’t want you to know what’s coming.” Want to know why? Well, come down the stairs to the Jamboree to find out.

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