Alice & The Wonders - Jamboree Jazz

Alejandra Rueda vocals, Marc Bernet guitar, Alex Albalá keyboards, Lluís Vallès baritone sax, Ignasi Poch tenor sax, Armand Albertí drums, Luis Martín bass & double bass.

“One of the best pieces of news of these turbulent times is the return of Alice & The Wonders. The Barcelona band, led by the firm, captivating voice of Alejandra Rueda, are presenting a new album: ‘I am’
Beyond the frenetic rhythms which are also part of the soul of this album, Alice & The Wonders also produce some warm but powerful mid-tempo songs to stir our souls and force us to listen to them again and again.
All of this is helped by Alejandra’s instrumental base backing. The interplay of the horn section and groove of the keyboards lay down a relentless dynamic that makes our ears prick up at the end of every bar until silence arrives with the end of the groove. And you know very well how to fight that wonderful feeling – the well-understood sensation of loneliness – that only good records leave when they come to an end: put ‘I am’ on again and go out to an Alice & The Wonders concert! The world is now a little better. So our lives are better too.” (Nacho Álvarez, Radio 3 – RNE).

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Alice & The Wonders

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