Aymée Nuviola "Havana Nocturne" feat. Kemuel Roig - Jamboree Jazz
Aymée Nuviola Jamboree
Latin Jazz
Aymée Nuviola “Havana Nocturne” feat. Kemuel Roig

Aymée Nuviola, nominated for the 36th edition of the Lo Nuestro Awards 2024, was among those selected to compete for the Artist of the Year – Tropical award.

Aymée Nuviola vocals · Kemuel Roig piano · Lowell Ringel bass · Hilario Bell drums · Julian Avila guitar · Nieger José “Majito” Aguilera percussion.

There were times when Havana at night was also bolero and filin, and Aymée Nuviola knows that very well. It wasn’t just a time of day: it was a metamorphosis, an uninhibited nakedness, a transmutation. The 50s and 60s gave Havana the largest constellation of singers and composers who faithfully interpreted the meaning of living, loving and enjoying in a beautiful and lively city like it.

Aymée in the inspired moments when Adelaida, her mother, she encouraged her to play a vinyl, to sing herself in a liberating action or in an explosion of feelings with the brief space of the family room as the only stage shared with singing friends who today are legends of the nights in her city. That is Havana Nocturne, the song and emotion of memory, the sound recreation of a ghostly city that refuses to do without of her legend and clings as the only possible hold to her voices, to her music of her. From its conception, supported by the musical production of Paulo Simeón and Kemuel Roig, Aymée Nuviola knew that it would be an emotional journey to the perfect reflection of the spirit and music of a city. In Havana Nocturne, Aymée Nuviola returns to the city that is both her own and foreign to her.



Aymee Nuviola