BCN PEOPLE: Chick Corea Tribut + Ona Laietana Tribut + SKINNY REVOLUTION - Jamboree Jazz
BCN PEOPLE: Chick Corea Tribut + Ona Laietana Tribut + SKINNY REVOLUTION
  • 19h Chick Corea Tribute

Guillaume Coulbois piano, Gerard Pola drums, Jordi Herrera doublebass.

Guillaume Coulbois, Jordi Herrera and Gerard Pola, three young musicians from ESMUC, explore Chick Corea’s immense musical legacy and perform a selection of his prolific work. With accuracy, but also with originality and their own stamp, they recreate the style of one of the most influential pianists and composers, who began his career in the late ‘60s.

  • 20:30h Ona Laietana Tribut ZELESTE

Alejandro Delgado clarinet and sax, Joaquín Galván electric and classic guitar, Luis Miranda drums, Didac Moral percussion, Jofre Fité piano and keyboards, Miriam Cortada transverse flute and piccolo.

Special Guests: Ramon Olivares percussion and, Xavier Batllés mandolina.

Ona Laietana Tribute is a group founded by Isaac Romagosa and Alejandro Delgado that takes us back to the music of Barcelona in the seventies, a highly prolific era focused on the Zeleste club, which opened exactly half a century ago. Romagosa and Delgado have been championing this cultural treasure for years – the movement that gave rise to the Mirasol Orchestra, Companyia Elèctrica Dharma, Música Urbana, Blay Tritono, Jordi Sabatés, Toti Soler and others. They are taking part in projects for the recovery of Laietana music — Trajecte Final, Asimétric, a version of ‘Ocells del mes állá’ (Jordi Sabatés) and ‘Get to Màquina!’— and they have launched a subject at ESMUC devoted to Laietana music. At the Jamboree, they will recover great pieces from the Laietana movement, with new arrangements. The magic of Carrer Plateria in the Plaça Reial.


Biel Roca piano/keyboards, Guillem Soler bass/effects, Aina López Pla sax/vocals, Alba Armengou trumpet and vocals, Rafael Motila drums.

This performance brings together young and talented Barcelona musicians. They are united by project leader Skinny-Rafa with the aim of performing their own tunes and some cover versions in their own style. The aim is for the experience to be immersive, beginning and developing as if it were part of life itself. They want to make music to fill the soul and to be enjoyed in the moment.