BCN PEOPLE: Julia R. & Marcel M. x Pat Metheny Tribut x Kòt Lapè - Jamboree Jazz
19h Julia Rodríguez & Marcel Montcourt

Julia Rodríguez voice, Canarian timple, Venezuelan four, Spanish guitar, transverse flute, Marcel Montcourt Venezuelan four, mandolin, Spanish guitar, voice.

Julia Rodríguez and Marcel Montcourt combine the traditional music of the Canary Islands and Venezuela with instruments from both cultures: the Canarian tiple and the Venezuelan quatre. Theirs is a journey back and forth; a fusion born in Tenerife; a dialogue that goes beyond folk tradition and connects with the world of emotions and shared sensitivities.


20:30h Pat Metheny Tribut

Luis Miranda drums, Eddie Mejía electric guitar and Manu Luque electric double bass.

Three young musicians from Barcelona have come together to share their love of Pat Metheny’s music and explore the work of the guitarist from Missouri. This trio’s repertoire includes covers of iconic records including ‘Bright Size Life’, ‘Question & Answer’ and ‘Song X’.


22h Kòt Lapè

Pau Gil voice and guitar, Eloy Pey drums, Climent Campà percussion and voice, Sergi Murcia electric double bass and Roger Herrero keyboards.

At Mas i Mas ‘23, Kòt Lapé presents his latest album, ‘Todo Lo Bueno’, an explosion of flavours fusing styles like jazz, funk, salsa, bolero and Brazilian music, with lyrics drawn from his own experiences.

BCN PEOPLE: Julia R. & Marcel M. x Pat Metheny Tribut x Kòt Lapè

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