FESTIVAL TALENT: Burroughs + Niluts & friends + Més enllà del swing - Jamboree Jazz
19h Burroughs

Jordi Pitarch guitar, Guillem Durante bass, Andreu Giró drums, Nil Martí alto sax.

Burroughs is a tribute to the American writer William S. Burroughs, with instrumental music based on his literary work. In this session, the musicians try to recreate the darkness and coldness that so characterises the novelist of the beat generation.

20:30h Niluts & friends

Aleix Cansell piano, Sergio Cañizarez double bass, Andreu Giró drums, Nil Martí alto sax, Victor Vallcanera tenor sax.

As part of the Talent Festival, the saxophonist Nil Martí will present, in concert, the culmination of four years of higher level studies at the Taller de Músics. Martí will play his own songs and arrangements, beginning with sax and string section performing acoustically, and continuing with a jazz quartet. Some songs, however, will be played as a quintet, with two saxophonists on stage.


22h Més enllà del swing: Una interpretació personal de Bill Stewart i el seu estil

Andreu Giró drums, Aleix Cansell piano & keyboards, Sergio Mesa bass & double bass, Nil Martí alto sax, Martí Cabarrocas alto sax.

Traditional jazz, modern funk and rhythmic creativity and more all feature in this performance of Bill Stewart’s music. This final project concert (Taller de Músics) by drummer Andreu Giró is an invitation on a fascinating journey with a personal vision of the music of Bill Stewart, an American jazz drummer known for his versatility in genres ranging from traditional jazz to modern funk. The concert is a musical odyssey through this wide range of styles, from the energetic rhythms of traditional jazz to the modern grooves of funk, and Bill Stewart’s interpretation of them all.

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FESTIVAL TALENT: Burroughs + Niluts & friends + Més enllà del swing

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