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Tuesday 21, September 2021
The ninth edition of the Talent Festival arrives!
The Talent Festival comes loaded with heterogeneous and original proposals from young music talents. On September 21 and 28 it will be transported to Jamboree and we will be able to enjoy 6 proposals from artists from the Taller de Músics from 8 pm.

MARCEL VALLÈS – Good Memories

Marcel Vallès presents a set of his own compositions born from his experiences during a stay in Brazil, which became a musical immersion trip and a turning point in his career.

With the guitar as the protagonist, the artist shares with the public his personal vision of what has become his host country, while navigating different styles of Brazilian popular music with touches of jazz and blues.

Marcel Vallès electric and classical guitar, Samuel Passos electric bass, Jonas Santana percussion

MARC PONS – Modern Jazz Quintet

Marc Pons presents a repertoire of original songs with a formation for which he has always had a predilection: the jazz quintet where the saxophone and guitar form a melodic block, which flows above the rhythmic-harmonic base drawn by the piano, the double bass and drums. The compositions are heavily influenced by contemporary jazz performed in New York, especially by guitarist Jonathan Kreisberg.

Marc Pons electric guitar, Martí Castelló piano, Pablo Martín tenor saxophone, Héctor Tejedo double bass, Kike Pérez drums.

ÈLIA LUCAS – Introspection

Lucas presents his compositions where he seeks an intimate and personal sound. The piano textures and connection between the four musicians are combined with the undeniable influence of musicians such as Carla Bley, Pat Metheny and Keith Jarrett. These artists began to shine in the 70s with their respective groups, expressing their own sound and ideas that drank from jazz, gospel, classical music and world music.

Èlia LucasPiano and composition, Edu Pons Saxo, Tomàs Pujol Double bass, Kike Pérez Drums.

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